Friday, June 10, 2016

Back again. (Briefly)

It is has been a wild and busy few years. Spring of 2015 we moved, welcomed our 3rd child into the world, and a few months later I switched jobs. Incidentally, that job venture dried up forcing me into something temporary. Looks like I have a good steady job opportunity coming up but we shall see. Life has been busy. Some Misc. thoughts on photography and improving the game. After putting it aside for awhile I have been looking at the archives and critiquing my work. If you aren't sure about a photo you took, chances are you'll come back and delete it in two years. I've often struggle with deleting photos, but I've found if it didn't make the grade the first time it probably won't in the future. Some of my favorites are also the simplest compositions. Don't complicate a photo with to many themes. It is easier to forgive and enjoy a simple chord with a few notes than a full fledged orchestra with a squeaking violin. Someday you'll find your orchestra. The famous maestros didn't start big. I do keep personal interest things that are simply to record an event and not to be this awesome photo. Photography isn't just art, but a method to record things. If all those birthday pictures of your kid you took flopped, keep them anyway. You'll be glad 30 years from now and your children will thank you. Thanks!! Clark

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